Pinky nude and see-through

I have always been a total sucker for the vintage-y, nude tones look in chiffon and silk. I spend a lot of time at home due to the nature of my work/study life and I aspire to spend this time wafting around in gothic white lace dresses and other romantic things (in reality I wear pyjama-bottoms and t-shirts, like everyone else – my current favourites are purple with sheep on). Asos’ “new in” selection is going more Grecian than bridal, and I like the Sophia Kokosalaki feel of this dress.

A compromise between my desire to wear nightwear, lace and the need to actually be in public sometimes might be fed by this skirt:

There is something mildy annoying about clothes that require another whole investment buy though – my Topshop maxi skirt didn’t get worn much last year because it really needed a slip to avoid cling and I never wanted to spend the money on it.

I bought a beautiful nude vest from Cos that is literally completely transparent – it wouldn’t even photograph for the blog. So this required the further purchase of a crop top to wear underneath and after spending around 40 seconds in Topshop I went for this dodgy-looking but surprisingly comfortable leopard-print version:

I recommend this because it’s boned and stretchy. I now wear it under anything a bit see-through because vests can thicken you up but I often find I need something opaque between me and the world.

A more clothing-like option, from Asos again:

I think we’re, as a nation, past the situation that happened in 2009 where trousers were practically abolished and that of the year 2000 where a nightie was an acceptable outfit. I’m definitely a lot less literal about the trends now and as a grown-up lady, prefer to channel high fashion via the magic filter of Cos and Asos, which turn bad ideas into good ideas.


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