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Check out these vintage nails adverts from the days that pink was best and women could sometimes vote.

In 2011, I’m pleased to report that London women can still vote and also wear any nail polish they like. In fact, I’ve recently noticed a growing trend for wearing nail polish in the workplace – a few years ago, this was considered a bit high-maintenance, almost subversive, as if you were trying a bit hard. These days, I’ve seen many a professional woman wear bright red nail polish into the office without anyone batting an eyelid.

I love how attainable nail polish trends are because, unlike ‘It’ bags, we can all afford ‘It’ nails, whether they are achieved through hard graft and gentle blowing at home or at a salon. There’s a little bit of craftiness about the whole affair as well, that I admire.

The vintage nails, as with all things vintage, has made a bit of a comeback lately with the resurgence of the half moon shape. Cherry Blossom Girl has posted a handy tutorial on how to do it yourself, and the results are eye-catching -

Courtesy of Cherry Blossom Girl

A monochrome half moon -

And finally, a graphic one from Sophy Robson -

I will be having a go at this myself this weekend, watch this space…