Do you know who I miss… Luella.

Remember what it felt like when a new Luella collection came out? I imagine it’s what it was like shopping at Biba in the 1960s – zeitgeisty, uniquely personal in its relationship between designer and audience and encapsulating London. Perhaps it was too personal and culty; it was certainly too easily copied. If anyone knows what Luella Bartley is doing professionally these days, I would love to know, and I hope that one day she creates something new for me to consume. I suppose the closest thing is to keep reading Lula.


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One response to “Do you know who I miss… Luella.

  1. I had this same thought recently. I was looking at the sale rack of a concession in HoF and saw a Luella style jacket I blogged about a few years ago. I actually paused for a moment and thought- AW, I really miss Luella Bartley. I wonder what shes doing now…….

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