Edith Wharton in Vogue


I wrote a long, glowing and exhaustive post about my love for Edith Wharton, Vogue and my love for this Edith Wharton-inspired editorial in US Vogue. Then WordPress ate it. Curse you WordPress! Here instead are simply these pictures representing EW and her friends, including Henry James. I leave you with these words from The House of Mirth, with my recommendation to read it:

“They had paused before the table on which the bride’s jewels were displayed, and Lily’s heart gave an envious throb as she caught the refraction of light from their surfaces—the milky gleam of perfectly matched pearls, the flash of rubies relieved against contrasting velvet, the intense blue rays of sapphires kindled into light by surrounding diamonds: all these precious tints enhanced and deepened by the varied art of their setting. The glow of the stones warmed Lily’s veins like wine. More completely than any other expression of wealth they symbolized the life she longed to lead, the life of fastidious aloofness and refinement in which every detail should have the finish of a jewel, and the whole form a harmonious setting to her own jewel-like rareness.”

If you like tragic rich people and poetic descriptions of beautiful things, you’ll love it. Also, I hope that Edwardian is going to be a big trend.


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2 responses to “Edith Wharton in Vogue

  1. Loved thisa and the photos Sipi

  2. These are beautiful photos. I’m excited to see this month’s Vogue as I’ve been a bit disappointed with the re-hashing of content in the last 2 or so editions – I mean how many times do I need to see Samantha Cameron profiled under the Smythson Creative Director banner?!

    Anyway, I think ‘baroque’ and ‘dark romantic’ are very much in this season so you could easily work that into an Edwardian aesthetic.

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