Spending money wisely


No, I don’t mean getting a pension or anything (although I do have one, for all those savings fans out there). The above picture stands for all the high-end stuff I am trying not to buy from now on, plus all the impulsive Topshop buys that are a more realistic symbol of my shopping.

I am determined to take a really amazing trip sometime soon. I am quite a home person and I love London. This means I only rarely and grudgingly leave either my flat or the city. But I definitely have moments where I want to feel a gentle breeze on my face and trudge around cities looking at ten million churches listed in the Dorling Kindersley illustrated guidebook. Mostly I want to look at nice landscapes out of train windows and feel relaxed.

So I’m now officially saving up for some travelling. I’m already leaning towards being someone who buys fewer things, and only things I really love, although I’m pretty sure I won’t be cutting out clothes spending entirely as this trip could still be many moons away (and definitely not grooming, what with this impending blondeness). Hopefully the thought of a Motorcycle Diaries-esque trip across Latin America will inspire me not to buy too many more cream silk dresses or high heels. I can see myself in shorts, flip-flops and flowing top, looking at ziggurats or something. Now I just have to get out of the mindset that applies pricetags to everything in the picture.


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One response to “Spending money wisely

  1. That would be great, me too.I’m already stopped on buying such a lot of things but the truth is i don’t need them really.So i decided to save than to spend a lot of money on things that are not really useful..;D Love this post,hope to see you on my blog too.;D

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